A patented technology by GeoLith,
that allows to produce lithium from any liquid source (brine).

What is Li-Capt®

The underlying ion-exchange technology acts as a “filter” for lithium ions. By circulating the lithium-rich fluid through the Li-Capt® filters, lithium ions are captured in the active material specially designed by GeoLith, and the rest of the brine is returned, unaltered, to the original reservoir.
This process has been proven thanks to three pilot plants that GeoLith has designed in Europe and South America.
Li-Capt® is a modular and scalable technology, adaptable to any kind of brine, and any kind of extraction project.

The process is totally sustainable, with zero CO2 emissions, zero waste, and full respect of the aquifers.

A highly lithium selective
ion exchange technology

Li-Capt® is a highly lithium selective technology, that produces a pure lithium concentrate that can then be refined into lithium carbonate or lithium Hydroxide. 

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