Our team

GeoLith is a company composed by a multi-disciplinary and talented team!

Coming from different experiences and backgrounds, the members of GeoLith form a united team where each talent is valued and fits into a group dynamic.

The team is distributed on two different sites between Ile de France (Orsay) and Alsace (Haguenau), i.e. between Headquarters and Workshop.

The activities of the company are organized around different practices such as Research and Development, Operations, Production, Trade and Administration.

Management Team

Jean-Philippe Gibaud

Founder & CEO

Jean-Philippe created GeoLith in 2016 after more than 40 years of international experience in the fields of water treatment, mining and geothermal. He was as director of a geothermal
drilling company when he realized the need of a technology with the ability to valorise the lithium contained in these waters to support the energy transition in these renewable assets.

Didier Muschalle

Managing Director

Didier joined GeoLith in
2017 as Partned and Operations durector.Currently General Manager of GeoLith, he has over 40 years experience in industrial companies in France and Europe, having managed teams of over 200 people, and succeeded major industrial operations in the nuclear field. Didier leads the operations and the industrialisation of the company.

Pedro Ruiz


Pedro has more than a decade experience in international management and business development, in sectors such as hydropower, LNG, nuclear and green hydrogen, for major industrial groups. He holds an engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MBA from IESEG Paris. He leads the business development as well as the international strategy of GeoLith.

Arnaud Poirel

PhD, R&D Manager

Arnaud joined GeoLith after more than a decade leading research activities for major industrial companies in France, including sensitive activities in the French nuclear parc.

He leads the technological development and the up-scaling of Li-Capt®

Our values


GeoLith is first and foremost a team of motivated and am-bitious individuals that enjoy working together, and that leverages the good ideas of everyone


For GeoLith, innovation has a purpose: to help create a more sustainable future by proposing solutions for the most challenging environmental issues.


Our activities are human activities, and integrity defines our conduct, our ethics and the professionalism of our relationship with our teams, customers, partners and all stakeholders.


In the success of our project, of our customers and stakeholders, and more importantly, in the creation of a sustainable lithium ecosystem.

GeoLith’s history

GeoLith is a company founded by Jean-Philippe Gibaud in 2016.

Starting from the observation that French soils were rich in lithium and with the ambition to develop a sustainable system of lithium extraction.

Started with a small team of engineers at Mines ParisTech, the R&D team gradually built up to develop a unique technology the Li-Capt®. Throughout the years, the Geolith team has progressively grown with chemical engineers, industrial site managers, draftsmen, doctors as well as salespeople.

It is around common values and a development ambition that all the professions enter in symbiosis to participate in the creation of a sustainable future…

Headquarters, Workshop & Pilot Plants