The Direct Lithium
Extraction process (DLE)

GeoLith's DLE technology acts like a "lithium filter"

When any lithium rich fluid passes through our patented Li-Capt® active material, it selectively captures lithium ions from that liquid.
Li-Capt® is selective (capacity to only capture lithium) and reversible (capacity to recover all the captured lithium).


DLE Process: from resource to refined lithium

Traditional process vs. DLE

Traditional process

GeoLith’s Li-Capt®


20 to 40% lithium capture, and high water losses through evaporation

>95% lithium capture, allowing to source new sustainable brines

CO2 emissions

15 tCO2 from spodumene production 5 tCO2 from brine production

Zero emissions

Production of Waste

Intensive use of chemicals and consumables

Zero waste, low use of chemicals & recycling of consumables

Production time

2 years from source to commercial product

Hours, from source to commercial product

Respect of water ressources

Water losses in arid regions (lithium triangle in the Andes)

Water is returned to the source once the lithium is captured

Power consumption

Intensive use of machinery and transportation in remote areas

Very low use of power required for the equipment


4 major applications for

Our technology is applicable to all conventional and non-conventional lithium sources around the world.

Geothermal brines
Geothermal brinesLi-Capt® Direct Lithium Extraction enables local production of lithium from geothermal brines around the world, leveraging renewable energy and heat from these assets for a fully sustainable production. Its extraction efficiency of more than 95% lithium capture, and its exceptional selectivity have been proved thanks to its pilots in Europe (France, Germany and UK). GeoLith believes in the creation of sustainable lithium ecosystems around Europe, North and South America and everywhere else.
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Produced Waters
Produced WatersExisting assets produce great amounts of water containing important concentrations of lithium. These waters, currently treated as a waste, can be valorised thanks to the exceptional performance of Li-Capt®, turning a cost into a revenue. Considerable resources have been identified in Europe, the US, Argentina and several other countries around the world.
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SalarsThanks to the exceptional capacity of extraction of Li-Capt® it is now possible to extract lithium without any evaporation, enabling production from high and low concentrated salars, especially in the lithium of triangle (Argentina, Bolivia and Chile). Li-Capt® brings a more sustainable process of lithium extraction, avoiding depletion of the water reservoirs and allowing to valorise waste-fluids.
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Battery Recycling
Battery RecyclingImportant amounts of manufacturing scraps are produced in the process of fabrication of electric batteries for electrical vehicles. GeoLith Li-Capt® technology will allow to recover lithium from them, circularising the manufacturing process and enhancing the sustainability of this essential equipment for the energy transition.
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